Red Fish - Recently Caught

Retired SCDNR marine biologist Capt. Glenn Ulrich was initially funded for this study in 2007 using a grant from the Hilton Head Reef Foundation and SCDNR's Cooperative Research Program. Under this initial grant ($33,700) Glenn was able to purchase all necessary research equipment and continue the sampling trips through the end of 2009. After availability of SCDNR and NOAA (Sea Grant) funds ceased, Glenn was able to continue the sampling program on a limited scale in 2010 with some local funding by the Hilton Head Reef Foundation. The goal of this research program was to augment existing SCDNR studies of adult red drum to provide more complete information on the relative abundance, size composition, movements and stock mixing in the Port Royal Sound system. The sampling trips are conducted with area charter boat captains, which includes DNA sampling PIT tagging and scanning, conventional tagging and size and weight measurements. All the information is sent to SCDNR to add to their data base.

This research program needs to be continued by the Hilton Head Reef Foundation for the following reasons and benefits: